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How may we help you?

Personal Branding

Social media posts by leaders garner 320% more engagement per follower than company pages. We collaborate with founders and leaders to publish some of the smartest, most valuable content on the Internet

Personal branding playbook

Every story in this world is unique, help us tell yours. Get a tailor-made playbook that suits your long-term goals, and your authentic style that'll make your personal branding journey 10x easier and more powerful.

Storytelling for startups

After garnering millions of pageviews for diverse brands, we've perfected the art of executing "low cost: high impact" content and campaigns. 

Personal Branding Masterclass

Book a masterclass with our founder, Diksha Dwivedi, to empower your leadership team to become thought leaders in 3-6 months.

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Case Studies

We identify. We develop. We pilot. We scale. 
Here's some work we're super proud to have worked on.

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Chai + Snacks = Relax

‘Chai+Snacks=Relax’ across channels and garnered 10M+ impressions and 500k+ engagement in the first month, through earned PR and user-generated campaigns.

Bewakoof: Own your crazy

Conceptualised, executed and amplified the #WhoLetThePoetsOut funny poetry property that garnered 1M+ views within a month of launch.

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​Bombae: Bombay Shaving Company Logo

Bombae: Hair removal

Conceptualised, executed and amplified the #SmoothAF comedy event that went on to becoming Bombae’s first IP.

Toshan Tamhane

Built a Low effort: High impact content engine for Toshan that took him from 800 to 10,000 followers on LinkedIn within a month, garnered millions of impressions and kickstarted his earned PR journey.

oshan Tamhane, ascends a steep mountain
Ajinkya Apte

Ajinkya Apte

Working together since August 2023, YOSO has seen Ajinkya Apte generate over  2.3 lakh impressions organically and increase his followership by 45.6%.

Abhijeet Kaji

Working together since May 2023, YOSO has seen Abhijeet Kaji generate over 6.6M impressions organically and increase his followership by 62.3%.

Abhijeet Kaji
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I was 8 when my father got martyred in the Kargil war and so, I was raised by two powerful women - my mother and sister. My life was pretty 'normal' until I wrote a story about my father on my own storytelling platform in 2015. Until then, AkkarBakkar had already proved to me that people love sharing their stories with the world, but after my story went viral, I realised the world of possibilities one impactful story could open for an individual. At 26, I'd already signed a contract with a publisher for my first book Letters from Kargil in 2016 without a book proposal.
From being responsible for the 3 most viral articles on Yahoo! in 2015-16, to garnering 150M+ pageviews for AkkarBakkar by 2017, every achievement since my first job has led me to this point - building a full-stack storytelling company for founders, for startups, for leaders.

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Hi, I’m Diksha! 
So good to have you here.

I've always believed that there are 2 kinds of storytellers in the world - one, artists painting imaginary worlds with their words (like JK Rowling) and second, creative people who live a movie-like life, which they eventually write about. I'm the latter.

Facts about personal branding

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High engagement rate

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Business growth

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Revenue generation

Personal branding of CXOs and founders can lead to a 23% increase in revenue for a business.

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How building your personal brand helps your company?

Social media posts by leaders garner 320% more engagement per post than a company’s page

Companies with influential leaders find it 10x easier and faster to hire the best talent.

Crisis management

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Talent acquisition

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A study found that 44% of executives believe that a CEO's reputation accounts for at least half of a company's reputation.

Personal branding of founders is the easiest and the most organic way to stay top-of-mind for the best VCs.

Firms with visibly influential leaders grow up to 4 times faster than those without

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Ready to grow your personal brand?

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