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Bewakoof: Own your crazy

Realizing the rising influence of the creator economy, Bewakoof wanted to launch a content channel of their own that spoke their perfectly imperfect language. They wanted to create meaningful yet humorous content for their YouTube channel ‘Bewakoof Studio’.

What We Did

YOSO stepped in to conceptualize an IP called “Who let the poets out” as an event that brought Bewakoof up and close with its target audience offline and online. Curated a mix of new and famous poets and comics who performed in front of a live audience of 50, integrated the brand in terms of merchandise gifted to the participants, produced 9 viral-worthy funny poetry videos that garnered 1M+ views within a month of release


Bewakoof Studio got a kickstart* for their YouTube channel that stands at 90ksubscribers today. Without making a huge investment in content, Bewakoof earned a valuable IP that’s timeless.


Prabhkiran Singh (CEO and Founder) Abhimanyu Mishra (Head of Marketing) Deya Ray (Deputy Manager– Brands and Campaigns)

"From her days at AkkarBakkar to now running YOSO, I have always been inspired by Diksha’s ability to tailor stories. She has a fantastic sense of what clicks for audiences, and how experiential campaigns can build long term salience for a brand. She is also super founder friendly and specializes in startup storytelling. Cannot recommend YOSO and her higher"



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