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About Toshan

The trek to haven

Toshan is an avid adventurer who lives with one aim - “regret minimization - you only live once” and is a doting father to two children, a son and a daughter, he calls his family life an adventure of a different order. 

He followed the conventional IIM-A to consulting path - spent 18+ years at McKinsey across 55+ countries, advising billionaires, making deals, and building businesses. After McKinsey, Toshan ventured into traditional corporate roles with a passion for investing, M&As, digital builds & sustainability.

Trying to make the full use of 24 hours every day, he’s an angel investor (with ~30+ investments), teaches in B-schools, serves as an active Board member at institutions, and writes extensively.

Lastly, Toshan is an avid mountaineer. On this front, his Everest in life is quite literally

Mt. Everest. 

Individual branding


  • Increased follower count from 800 to 7000+ within a month on LinkedIn 

  • Earned 5336 subscribers for the newsletter on LinkedIn with just 4 editions

  • Garnered 2M+ impressions in a year just on LinkedIn

  • Earned at least 10 organic PR and speaking opportunities in India as well as in the UK through his impactful social media content.


Social media numbers before the partnership with YOSO

Social media numbers after partnership with YOSO

LinkedIn: 800

LinkedIn: 21540

Twitter: 0

Twitter: 653


Newsletter subscribers (launched on Sept 27, 2023): 5331


Toshan Tamhane wanted to share his knowledge accumulated over 30 years from his personal and professional life on social media to enable young professionals to live a full life every day. He had a lot of written content and he continues to write more, but had no way to curate this content effectively and productively. 

Post listening to his story and objectives, we kickstarted Toshan’s branding in August 2022. After taking a brief break from Jan-July 2023, we started phase 2 of his personal branding in August 2023. 

Services offered. The Strategy,

Personal Branding Playbook

After going through an intense onboarding call, we developed a communication playbook for Toshan so that all his posts, content IPs, and creatives have consistency in terms of the design sense (tone, colors, fonts, style, signature). 

Communication check across social media

We did hygiene checks of Toshan’s social media profiles and made the required changes to reflect his personality, targeted towards what his TG is looking for. 

Content Development

Based on his brand playbook, we would create content (reels, carousels, long form videos, illustrations) for his posts.

Content Management & Publishing 

After experimenting with content that works for him and what doesn’t, we locked content buckets that are sustainable and scalable in the long term. Furthermore, we made sure there was enough approved content in the bank to be scheduled week after week to stay consistent. 

Developed content IPs 

Every 6 months, we went through an exercise of making a high-level content strategy that would include the launch of a new content IP. As a result, Toshan now has 4 content IPs that can be scaled as any new content format in the future.

Tangible outcome

We built an effort: high impact content engine for Toshan:

  • Researched and developed a high-level content strategy focused on LinkedIn and Instagram. The strategy included regular content buckets plus a moonshot idea to be experimented with every 6 months.

  • The first 2 months went into experimenting with content that worked for his audience, mainly based in the UK. Based on the response, a few content buckets like Corporate lessons from Mahabharata, Mountaineering experiences, book recommendations etc. were zeroed down on.

  • Launched a few content IPs for Toshan, like Meet The Corporate Character”, “Summit With Me”, and a newsletter ‘Life Is Too Short with Toshan Tamhane’. 

Meet the corporate character

Diksha and the YOSO team adopt a very strategic approach to personal brand building – understanding objectives & constraints, defining success markers and then executing an aligned playbook. I am very happy with the work they have done to help in building an external brand for me – it has also been very easy & fun to work with them.



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