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“Diksha and the YOSO team adopts a very strategic approach to personal brand building – understanding objectives & constraints, defining success markers and then executing to an aligned playbook. I am very happy with the work they have done to help in building an external brand for me – it has also been very easy & fun to work with them.”


Zemé Fresh, emerging in the beauty arena, is a homage to nature's unsung prowess. It's inception is rooted in a personal narrative – a journey back to the roots, led by Prerna, its visionary founder. Driven by her own tussle with synthetic beauty solutions and a rekindled faith in herbal legacies, Zemé Fresh stands as a beacon of natural authenticity.

Here, each product is  a fusion of traditional wisdom and modern understanding. Zemé Fresh is committed to resurrecting forgotten natural recipes, creating a line that's not just skin and hair care but a tribute to organic purity.

Zemé Fresh goes beyond mere beauty products; it's a crusade against synthetic norms, powered by Prerna's belief and her pursuit of nature's true potential. It's where tradition meets innovation, encapsulating a vision of natural wellness and real beauty untouched by artificial facades.

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  • On Instagram, followership grew from 11,747 to 12,407.

  • In 4 months, Zemé Fresh has reached 71,135+ number of accounts organically. 

  • Average Audience retention: 22.51%

  • We have narrowed down 4 different content buckets that work for Zemé Fresh, out of which 3 are easily replicable by the team independently. 


Zemé Fresh wanted to rebrand and give their content a facelift. The objective was to update Zemé Fresh's current followers about the rebranding, maintaining their engagement while enticing continued purchases and loyalty. Simultaneously, the aim was to extend Zemé Fresh’s reach to new potential customers, fostering relationships with them.

Post listening to his story and objectives, we kickstarted Toshan’s branding in August 2022. After taking a brief break from Jan-July 2023, we started phase 2 of his personal branding in August 2023.

Services Offered


Researched and developed a high-level content strategy aligned with the rebranding focusing on Instagram as the distribution channel

Phase Plan
Service offered
Service offered
Service offered

Suggested visual direction for SM content and amplification strategies to reach a wider audience.


Created a hashtag strategy and improved visuals for the story-feature

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