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Top Demographics

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Job Title

Founder 7.9%

Co-Founder 6.5%

Chief executive officer 1.9%

Product Manager 1.9%

Managing Director 1.3%

Social Media Numbers

Before the partnership with YOSO

LinkedIn : 5,000

After the partnership with YOSO

LinkedIn : 8,110


  • In the period from May, 2023 to Dec 2023 of 7 months, The followership on LinkedIn grew from 5,000 to 8110.

  • On LinkedIn, Abhijeet has garnered 6.6M+ impressions and 5k+ reactions.

  • 60+ number of earned PR that includes a TEDx talk at TEDxYouth@DAIS2023, networking opportunities and brand marketing and expansion opportunities.

  • We have strengthened Abhijeet’s presence on content-sharing platforms like Medium.



Co-founder, Knya

“Working with Diksha and her team has been a truly enjoyable experience. Their professionalism and thoughtfulness shine through in every interaction. They consistently demonstrate responsiveness and proactivity, ensuring they're always on top of things. I wholeheartedly recommend them for their exceptional service.”

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Abhijeet Kaji stands out as a driving force behind Knya, seamlessly blending his experience from prestigious institutions like Stanford University, Reliance Industries, and Warburg Pincus. His journey reflects a deep commitment to healthcare, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit that is reshaping the landscape of medical apparel.

In his role as a co-founder, Abhijeet goes beyond the conventional to prioritize the well-being of healthcare professionals. Knya, under his guidance, aren't just about functionality—they're a testament to unmatched comfort, contemporary design, and practical features that enhance the daily lives of medical personnel.

KNYA Brand Playbook F_edited.jpg

Much like a pioneer leading the way in an ever-evolving industry, Abhijeet's vision for Knya transcends traditional boundaries. The brand's rapid growth and trusted partnerships with renowned institutions underscore his commitment to revolutionizing how healthcare professionals approach their work attire.



Abhijeet Kaji wanted to create a strong personal brand by sharing his experience and expertise of building a on-of-its-kind healthcare industry FMCG brand, Knya. The aim is to attract investors, peers in the industry that Knya can collaborate with as well as the top talent.

Services Offered. Our Strategy,

1 . To begin with, YOSO researched and developed a blend of content for Abhijeet kaji social media.

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Content buckets in focus :

(a) Mindset, mental frameworks, productivity tool, and life lessons

(b) Learning and Growth

  • Journey from Co-Founders to Co-Parents.


  • Consumer brand building aspects captured in a narrative

  • Learnings from sports teams/individuals that can be applied in real-life situations, entrepreneurship, and a growth mindset.

  • Deep dive into concepts that can make or break an entrepreneur:


2 . Developed a brand playbook to maintain a consistent tone of voice, visuals, and brand elements across different SM platforms.

3 . Experimented and developed creatives to accompany social media posts.

4 . Tracked and analyzed high-performing content

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